Exploiting the Rights of Others – # 1 Traffic Signal

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Have you ever thought of becoming the one with civic sense? Of course not while you are in the middle of pollution, traffic, sales targets, the competition of being richer, fulfilling your duties as a part of the family by struggling for a decent livelihood but with extravagant lifestyle.

What happens when you race your car between the yellow and red lights of the traffic signal?

You exploit the Right of the next side of vehicles waiting for their turn to move ahead,

You exploit the Right of those pedestrians, who wanted to walk peacefully instead of rushing,

You exploit the Right of peace of other citizens, who would rather not love to say a bad word.

It’s also about a Government struggling with limited roads, increasing vehicle and human population and greedy interests of the humankind that ensure dissatisfaction among a population wanting for contentment.

I was looking forward for a reduction in fuel price with a fall in crude price, only to understand that some greedy humans just want to fill their pockets and keep the mentality of the population very clear that the Prices of commodities will never fall despite global trends.

And such actions have multiple consequences –

  1. India’s Image would be of a lenient economy where anything can be controlled with money power
  2. Dissenting youth not wanting to work in their home country
  3. India losing talented youth who would contribute to newer inventions for the world BUT unfortunately, contribute only to the growth of the WEST
  4. Your children coming for a vacation from the WEST only to go back with the sense of not coming
    to stay for this lifetime ( in a country where people exploit the right of others at the Traffic Signal ).

I hope all the readers understand the multifold impact of racing your car between the yellow and red lights of the traffic signal. Hope you all can give this Right of Peace at the Traffic signal to yourselves and especially others

PS : Its my first post in this journey of conveying thoughts.

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