Maharashtra Profession Tax One Time Payment of Tax Scheme

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The Government Of Maharashtra vide Notification No. PFT.1218/C.R.52/Taxation-3 makes available an optional scheme for the payment of profession tax, in advance, for an enrolled person, under the Maharashtra State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 1975.

Summary of the Scheme and Practical Aspects as under –

1. Date of Effect

Deemed to be into Force w.e.f 01.04.2018 i.e PTEC payments from 01/04/2018 onwards

2. Preconditions

The scheme is available only to Enrolled persons ( Registration under PTEC is compulsory )

3. Availment

Enrolled person can opt for this scheme anytime after enrollment

4. Period

An enrolled person can avail benefit of this scheme by making payment of tax for a minimum period of 3 years upto a maximum of 35 years. Senior Citizen above 65 years of age are exempt from profession tax in Maharashtra

Enrolled person may opt for the scheme again after earlier period availed under the scheme is over

5. Amount

 Amount to be paid as per Table A electronically ( Table A at the end of the article )

6. Enrolled persons who have made 5 year lumpsum payment prior to 01.04.2018

 Such persons can opt for the scheme after completion of such period of 5 years.

7. Payment done for 2018-19 or Lumpsum payment done post 01.04.2018

Such persons can opt for this scheme by paying balance amount payable for the period opted under the scheme ( This facility is not yet made available on )

8. Enrolled person availing benefit under this scheme joins employment

Such person to furnish OTPT Certificate to the employer. The employer then is no further required to do PTRC Deduction and the liability is deemed to be paid for the period covered under the scheme

9. Change of Entry Number for Enrolled Persons

Eg : ABC enrolled under PTEC where in he was required to pay PTEC of Rs.750 as per classification. He made payment under the OTPT Payment scheme for 5 years. After 3 years, due to change of business, he was then covered under another entry where he was required to pay PTEC of Rs.2500.

In such case, the liability to pay shall not be varied due to such change in entry under Schedule “I”

10. Refund of Excess Payment

 No refund shall be granted , once amount is paid under the scheme

11. FALSE Information /Withdrawal of Benefits under the scheme

In  case of

  • supression of any material information or particulars by furnishing any incorrect of false information
  • Supression of material facts
  • Concealment of any particulars


Benefits availed under the scheme shall be withdrawn.

12. Payment Procedure

PS : Department’s website is experiencing technical difficulties.

Enrolled person making payment in the month of April pays less than what a person pay in subsequent month of the financial year. Currently you can make payment for period starting from 01/04/2019

  • Go to
  • Under E-payments Tab, Click on PTEC OTPT Payment
  • Enter 11 digit PTEC TIN
  • Enter PAN , if not automatically¬† updated
  • Change Trade Name , if required
  • Select Schedule Entry ( Depending on Classification )
  • Select No. of years for which you want to avail benefit of the scheme ( Minimum 3, Maximum 35 )
  • Select Location
  • Select Payment Gateway
  • Enter Mobile Number and Email ID
  • Tick on “I agree”
  • Check draft challan and click on Proceed
  • Select Your bank , enter captcha code and make payment

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